What is Vibration Analysis?

Vibration analysis involves analysing the vibration magnitudes and frequencies of machinery to examine the condition and longevity (health) of the machinery. Studying the vibration levels and frequencies allows faults such as bearing faults, misalignments, lubrication issues and secondary damage to be detected so corrective action can be taken. Implementing this method can prevent costly failures, extend the life of compromised machines and allow for corrective action to minimise downtime.

Vibration Analysis transforms the maintenance process of machinery from fixing unforeseen repairs to undertaking well-planned action to extend machine life. This aligns with our ideas of reliability centered maintenance (RCM) which allows our customers to maximise the life and value of their assets.
Performing vibration analysis involves a sensor, data collection device, an analyst, Computerised Maintenance Management Systems CMMS (eg. SAP PM, EMAP, and IRIS Integration), and remote connectivity (eg. Geosync). With Fast Fourier Analysis combined with enveloping techniques, the condition of your machinery can be monitored.

How we can help

Our team at Air and Gas Industries with Certified Vibration Analyst (Cat III ISO 18436-2) Richard, can help you in any stage of the vibration analysis process.

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