Engineered Products

We supply a range of high quality, fit-for-purpose equipment & products to the Gas, Dangerous Goods, Agricultural, Combustion, Energy & Environmental sectors


Check a selection of our innovative quality LPG equipment including cylinder filling systems and road tanker products.  

LPG Cylinder Filling Systems

LPG Cylinder Weighing Systems

LPG Cylinder De-valvers

LPG Cylinder Inverters

LPG Hosing & Fittings

Wireless Control Systems

LPG Swivel Hose Reel

Vehicle Drive-away Systems

LPG Water Bath Vapourisers

Turntable LPG Hose Reel

AGI’s Turntable-style Reel features a turntable mount that enables deliveries on both sides & rear of the vehicle.

LPG Fill Safe Cylinder Scales

The ACS2000 Cylinder Filling Scales vastly improves cylinder operations by facilitating  faster, more accurate fills. 

Forklift LPG Cylinder Filling

The E1307-002 Air-Operated Forklift LPG Cylinder Filling System is a safe & efficient solution. 

Cylinder Filling Gun

The AGI1116 LPG Fill Safe Cylinder Filling Gun is the leading cylinder filling gun within the LPG industry.

LPG Cylinder Inverter

The AGI LPG Cylinder Inverter reduces the manual handling tasks associated with your cylinder handling operations.

Cylinder Devalver

The ACS3100 4-45kg Cylinder Devalver enhances cylinder handling operations with improved efficiency & user-friendly design.


Check some of our innovative tanker products

Pump Odour Control Unit

The AirVAXX Vacuum Pump Odour Control Unit works to eliminate the smell of your vacuum pump exhaust. 

Vehicle Drive-Away System

The AGI E8067-101 Module is a reliable safety control proven to guard against unwanted vehicle drive-away events.

Turntable LPG Hose Reel

AGI’s Turntable-style Reel features a turntable mount that enables deliveries on both sides & rear of the vehicle.


Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with an efficient and trouble-free experience for all their equipment needs. Head to the AGI Sales Online Store or check out our Equipment Catalogues to view a selection of the products we supply. If we don’t sell it, we endeavour to source it or manufacture it! 

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Supply Parts

We supply a range of products from valves to gauges to couplings – head to our online store!

Engineered Products

Air & Gas Industries manufacture a range of engineered products for a variety of industries & applications

Reconditioned Parts

We provide a range of reconditioned equipment and also offer reconditioning services.


Download our Vacuum Equipment or Agricultural Equipment Catalogues

Vacuum Equipment Catalogue

The AGI Vacuum Equipment Catalogue features a range of specialised equipment for vacuum tankers including valving, pumps, hosing, fittings, safety equipment and more.

Agricultural Equipment Catalogue

The AGI Agriculture Catalogue features a range of NH3 application products and equipment for the agricultural industry including valving, gauges, fittings, hosing, pumps and more.


You can find a range of our products from valves to fittings to pumps in our online store. Place a quote request through our website or send us an email to for a quotation. If have any product inquiries, please give us a call and we will endeavour to source it for you.