AGI Manufacturing

LP Gas Bulk Storage Solutions

Air & Gas Industries specialise in the manufacture of high-quality, custom-engineered products & solutions including fixed & mobile process plant & specialised transportation equipment. 

If it has to be safely stored or transported over road, Air & Gas Industries can provide an engineered solution.

If you are interested in purchasing an LPG Road Tanker or any LPG equipment, call us on (07) 3271 5899, send us an email at or fill out the contact form here on our website.

LP Gas Road Tankers

Air & Gas Industries has been manufacturing LPG Road Tankers since 1974. With decades of experience, Air & Gas Industries have cemented itself as pioneers in the design of Australian LPG Road Tankers.

Our LPG products and solutions include:

  • LPG Cylinder Filling & Weighing Systems
  • LPG Cylinder De-valvers
  • LPG Cylinder Inverters
  • LPG Swivel Hose Reel
  • LPG Hosing & Fittings
  • Vehicle Drive-Away Systems
  • Wireless Control Systems
  • LPG Water Bath Vapourisers

And so much more!



You can find a range of our products from valves to fittings to pumps in our online store. Place an order through our website or send us an email to for a quotation. If have any product inquiries, please give us a call and we will endeavour to source it for you. 

AGI Engineered Products

AGI LPG Cylinder Filling Gun

AGI Model E8067-20

LPG Cylinder Filling Gun

The AGI1116 LPG Fill Safe Cylinder Filling Gun is the leading cylinder filling gun within the LPG industry.


AGI Turntable LPG Hose Reel

AGI Turntable LPG Hose Reel

The AGI Turntable Style LPG Hose Reel is configured with a turntable mount allowing it to make deliveries on either side and to the rear of the vehicle.

AGI Model E8067-20 Module

AGI Model E8067-20

AGI Model E8067-20 Module

The AGI Model E8067-20 Module is a Road Tanker Drive-Away Protection System that incorporates NAIM functionality and roll-away protection safeguards.